About Us

The Course of a Messenger

Our goal is to blend Art and the Word of God into attractive and stylish fashion. Or as we say: “The Art of Illustrating Truth.”

Sharing Biblical Truth on clothing is exciting because it really is a great way to unveil Christ’s love and forgiveness. Think about it, who doesn’t go out of their way to see what the other persons t-shirt has to say? Curiosity gets us all.

That being the case, why not share the one message that carries with it the power and blessing of God’s Redemption! It’s fantastic when you think about what God might do because we decided to ware a shirt that points others to Him.

Consider the state of our world today – isn’t it time we pull out the stops and share with others about Jesus.? “By any means” is my motto.

All our clothes are designed with you in mind. Our products are fist rate in comfort and style. Top quality fabrics that take comfort to another level, and stylish designs for casual confidence.

Did someone say – where’s the store? They did … I heard it..!

About Us Personally:

We are two families who love the Lord and have a desire to share the life changing goodness of knowing Jesus and His Salvation. 

We met through work and realized our motivations for a ministry were similar and worth talking about. From there we started a business built on faith and an idea. 

The idea was to start with quality clothing formatted with designs of genuine art and the Word of God. Comfort, Style and Truth. And here we are.


If you wish to know more about what Jesus has for you or more about us, feel free to write us at: life@jaberbrand.com.

If you have ideas to help us better serve you or would like us to custom design a Christ centered idea or surf/sports logo we would like to hear from you. Just go to “contact us” and tell us what you have in mind and we’ll get on it.